A trip to Australia

In 2004 we took a trip to Australia, which we had been planning for a couple of years. Our Lufthansa flight took us from Düsseldorf through Frankfurt to Singapore were we had to wait four hours for our connection to Melbourne. That flight was on Singapore Airlines. Their lounges in Singapure and their planes are very comfortable.

We arrived in Melboure at some 7 in the morning and could not check into our hotel. So we walked around a bit, had some coffee and I bought a shirt, because it was quite cold here in late February.

After a couple of days in Melbourne we rented a car and drove to Otway Estate, just a bit south of Colac, which we used as a starting point for daytrips to the Great Ocean Road.

Next we flew into Alice Springs, stayed for one night after which we had to get up very early to enjoy a Balloon flight at sunrise. The same day we flew to Ayers Rock, where we stayed 2 or 3 nights.

From the center we went farther north to Cairns and Port Douglas. Unfortunately the weather was quite stormy so we could not got to the Great Barrier Reef.

Our last stop was Sydney, which is a great town absolutely worth while visiting.


Northern Territory


Otway Estate

Far North Queensland/Port Douglas

Great Ocean Road